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Welcome to the Mana Forge™!

We are a non-profit associaton that is committed to one and only one goal - to foster an enduring community of fantasy role-playing gamers with no ties to any corporation and no drive to continualy release and re-release ever-changing core gaming rules to follow a corporate profit motive.

For a long time we pondered what to say in this greeting - how to tell our story without coming off as wacko conspiracy theorists. We could write reams of FAQ about corporate marketing theory and how corporations who publish FRP games have no choice but to continually fragment their own market and keep people buying and re-buying the same (but slightly different) product. But if you've been playing Dungeons and Dragons for more than a handful of years, then you already know this to be true. We could paint this as some sort of evil conspiracy. But that would neither be accurate nor fair. We could talk about our own dismay at having seen the game we grew up playing, twisted and re-branded, mulched-up, and finally thrown out - only to be replaced with something that we could barely recognize and did not seem a fitting end. But that's not entirely true either.

We thought about it a lot, and what we came up with as an introduction, then, is simply this:

Wouldn't it be nice if we could all play the same game; and if we didn't have to PAY anything to play it; and if we stopped playing for a while and then came back, that the rules would still be familiar? Wouldn't that be nice?

Wouldn't it be nice if we could write some material for our game, and (when we finished it) it still WORKED with the game we started out playing? Wouldn't it be nice if we could do that, and then pass it out to our friends, or even print it in a book and sell it, without worrying that a big corporation was going to take away our house and our car if we made a technical or licensing mistake? Wouldn't THAT be nice, too?

And wouldn't it be nice if that game were simple, straightforward, familiar, and playable; and easily backwards compatible with all of our old First, Second, Thhird, and Three point Five edition modules and supplements.

And wouldn't it be nice if that game were not intentionally broken in a dozen different, little ways by the company who was hoping to be able to sell us an upgrade that fixed those broken parts?

We think that would be a pretty nice thing!

Check out the downloads tab to the left for the basic stuff and check out the FAQ for many more tidbits of information about our site, our work, and how you can get involved and contribute.

Thank you!

SOME MORE TESTST Posted by: admin on Tuesday, January 20, 2009 - 10:44 PM EST

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